Installing an Ethernet card and video card and other upgrades for a Mac SE/30.

(The following was a Twitter thread on March 10, 2021 for #MARCHintosh.)

But there’s only one slot, you say? It’s all a matter of using a clever part to adapt a pass-through.

The Asante MacCon SE30 Ethernet card has a convenient pass-through port on it to connect a second card. But it faces the floppy bay. Using these 90 degree PDS connectors (Mouser, $10/ea.) we can change the direction to point up.

I could desolder the old PDS connector and replace it with the 90 degree one. But it will actually plug right into the existing connector! First I plug the 90 degree PDS connector into the video card (a RasterOps Colorboard 264/SE30).

The video card then plugs into the pass through slot on the MacCon Ethernet card. Tall card is tall. A bit unwieldy and could benefit some from mechanical strengthening later.

The Ethernet/video card tower installed in the SE/30 stands pretty tall but should still fit inside the case. The video card is now right next to the anode of the CRT.

I’d need to resolve how Ethernet and video share the single rear port on the SE/30. Shouldn’t be too hard. But does this even work?

It chimes and boots! I don’t have a second monitor or Ethernet connected yet but it looks both both are recognized in the Monitors and Network control panels!

Confirmed: both Ethernet and secondary video cards work on the SE/30! Now, what sites will still load in Netscape 1.0N?

March 12, 2021

I’m trying to use LocalTalk Bridge but I get this error that I need to have AppleTalk version 58 or later. I’m using System 7.1.1.

March 13, 2021

So I figured this out and LocalTalk Bridge is now running. I needed to install Apple Network Software Installer 1.4.x which provides AppleTalk 58.

March 14, 2021

Copying files over LocalTalk using these PhoneNET adapters with activity LEDs and auto termination. Sound on for some noisy fans and hard drives!

If I use the Hayes InterBridge mixed into my LocalTalk network, LocalTalk Bridge software detects it and stops working. I hope to find the InterBridge software someday.

May 18, 2021

The Mac SE/30 has an ailing Astec power supply causing random reboots. So I’ve been experimenting with replacing it with a ITX power supply. I extracted the pins I needed into a new 10 pin Molex plug. Initial tests look good! New PSU should fit inside old cage.

May 19, 2021

I put the Mac SE/30 secondary display (an 8″ LCD panel driven by the RasterOps Colorboard 264/SE30) inside a #MacEffects clear SE/30 case. The display fits perfectly inside with no modifications.

June 4, 2021

And I replaced the old RasterOps Colorboard 264/SE30 internal video cable with a custom one with a VGA connector instead of the usual Mac video port. I also routed Ethernet to the back port as well. It’s all buttoned up and working well now.

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