Pookmail.com: Disposable email addresses

Pookmail.com is a free email service that offers you any email address you'd like (@pookmail.com) to send email to and keeps the inbox contents around for 24 hours. This is great for anyone who has created a website with email registrations and needed a batch of email addresses to test with. Of course, expect to see quite a bit of spam in the inbox, but who cares. What a great idea!


Quiz: Guess the Movie from this Still Frame

Ok, I'm going to start a new category. Try to guess what the name of the movie this still frame belongs to. (Click it for a larger version.) Post your answers in the comments. I have no prizes to give other than fame and notoriety.

UPDATE: It might have been mean of me to choose a rather obscure, missable movie, but it IS my blog. Anyway, the movie is Eraserhead by David Lynch. Read up on the movie before renting it– you may be setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.