Motorola iDEN GPS Tracking with Google Maps

If you've got a Motorola iDEN phone that has Java and GPS built in, you're in luck. A free service called Mologogo attempts to stitch the world of the GPS-enabled phone into Google maps. First register for a free Mologogo account. Next, download and install (no easy feat!) the Java app to your mobile. Start the app and what you should see is a Google map with your current position, complete with scrolling and different zoom levels. But here's where it gets cool: you can share your current position with your friends and they can locate you on their phone or on the web site. The uses of this are limitless (think “lo-jack” but not just for the car).

Apparently, the Boost mobile prepaid phone also works with this (and only costs 20 cents a day for the data portion).

I can't get my i730 to work. It's stuck at “Loading Friends” and eventually gives an error “Close indication open0.” Anyone know what's wrong?


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