Blue Mountain Range

On Friday, we took a ride up Hicks Rd in Los Gatos towards Mt. Umunhum. The day started out party sunny with a forcast of rain so we decided to get started early in hopes of making the best of the day before it started to rain. We were rewarded with a fairly nice day, albiet a bit windy.

We made a road side stop that overlooks the Guadalupe reservoir which was low as it is usually at this time of year.

We noticed that at the bottom of the reservoir was an old VW Beetle.

We eventually made to Mt Umunhum Rd where we could go no further. The summit was at one time used by the US Air Force as part of an early warning radar system, the base of which can still be seen. Jim snapped a few photos.

On the way back, we passed a restaurant that was a bit out of place called La Foret on Bertram Rd.

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