More from the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Here are some more photos taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on our recent visit to California.

The lovable sea otters; playful like dogs and they eat on their backs.

The kelp forest tank, which gently sways back and forth to simulate the wave action.

The octopus; visitors are asked not to flash the octopus so this made for a tricky shot. I steadied the camera with my hands on the lens and the glass of the tank and took several shots.

Two sea annemones, spectacular coloring.

Perhaps the most dazzling exhibit in the whole aquarium, the jelly fish tanks. Although I'm not certain, I think they are illuminated with UV or black lights as there was a tank where you could press a button to see what they look like in their natural environment (i.e. turn off the light).

The sunfish. Located in the outer bay tank, the sunfish is very large, slow moving and totally cool. It was being fed while we were there.

Outside of the aquarium, “Cannery Row” in Monterey once famous for sardines.

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