MINI Cooper & Parrot Evolution CK3000 Bluetooth adapter install

I recently installed a Parrot Evolution CK3000 bluetooth adapter in my MINI. I didn't like the bluetooth solution that MINI provides as it didn't use the two phone buttons on the steering wheel. This solution uses them quite nicely. Plus it requires no cutting or splicing of the car wiring so it was plug and play.

The MINI harness came from located in Great Britain. The exchange rate sucks at the moment so the harness ended up costing more than the Parrot module (which coincidently I bought at

The install was pretty easy (I had some help from Jim) and only took about an hour from start to finish. The hardest part is stuffing all the cable and connectors behind the radio and under the dash.

The result is very slick– I can place a call by pushing the phone button on the steering wheel and announcing the name (that I have trained in my phone). I can also answer the phone by pushing the same button after hearing the subtle ring tone over the speakers. It pauses the CD while on the phone (the radio display says “RADIO” ).

Link to PDF version of install instructions I converted from
Link to my small Flickr set of install pics.

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