DIY UHF Antenna

Ever since I gave Comcast the boot and FiOS the welcome, I've not been using the Miglia TV MiniHD receiver since FiOS doesn't use QAM modulation. The USB receiver does however tune ATSC if you have a good antenna and some nearby transmitters. The included antenna is mostly a joke unless you live very close to the transmitter. I needed something better– so I immediately think of DIY. I found a site that included some instructions on how to build a decent UHF antenna based on the design of ones available for purchase. It's really very simple, I didn't follow the directions, instead choosing to replicate what I saw in finished example of someone who made one.

The reception is quite good, scarily so in fact for something that cost me nothing. I can say it works because the digital signal basically either comes in clearly or not at all (no snowy picture!) The base of the antenna is a USPS Priority Mail box covered with aluminum foil, screws, washers and copper Romex leading to a matching 75 ohm transformer.

Link to how-to. Link to reference photo.

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