Apple’s Time Capsule: Painfully Slow

We recently bought an Apple Time Capsule for backing up or main machines at home. The first thing we did was disable the wireless portion of it since we already have a wireless base station that's performing quite well (we've also been burned by bad Apple wireless products in the past, read: original Graphite Base Station had bad capacitors, an Airport Express that randomly drops the wireless signal, and two Airport Expresses that have faulty power supplies).

I needed to perform a restore from the time capsule to my PowerMac G5 via 100mbit/s ethernet. The total size for the restore was just over 90GB– it took just over 40 hours to restore completely. That's nearly two days! That's just wrong– there has to be a problem somewhere.

To it's credit, it performed as advertised allowing me to restore my computer completely from a backup. It just took longer than I believe it should have.

Needless to say, I'm now backing up my machine on an internal drive and leaving the Time Capsule for future generations until there's a fix.

Oh, and don't believe the estimate. It never went over 20 hours at any point.

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