Cutest Printer in the World?

Oh Canon, you make the best imaging products in the world. I cut my teeth on your Rebel SLR 35mm camera line and continued with the oh-so-familiar EOS DSLR line.

Recently, we needed to purchase an easy to use photo printer that could easily print pictures right from the camera requiring no computer. I happened upon the Canon Selphy CP-510 (Selphy being a Japanese cutisification of their Elph camera line). This printer is great; dye sub 4×6 prints at about the same price as the drug store (28 cents/ea). And no ink jet mess, just real continuous-tone prints!

I recorded a movie of the printer doing it's thing, watch it here: 2.4MB Quicktime MP4

We’ll see how long this lasts..

Ok, so I broke a long standing promise to myself to never own a cell phone of my own. (And to all you h8rs out there that say “but you already have a cell phone”– it was from work, that doesn't count.) So this phone is also a camera phone. Sure, it's pictures look like a 1995 digital camera image at VGA resolution but sometimes it may be all ya gots. It's got that retro pre dot-com burst era that'll make you warm and fuzzy inside. Until I can code a nice camera-phone-to-blog-entry-post here (ohh yeah, I'll 0wnzor it sooN!!~1), you can visit my Flickr page and see the mopho stream.

Link to Flickr stream.

Hi Resolution, Large Format Scanner Camera

Damn it, I wish I thought of this first. This is what happens when you combine a large format camera (think 4×5) with a traditional flat-bed scanner attached to the back. You get a camera with oodles of megapixels and dizzying file sizes. Sure, your exposure times go to seconds to sometimes minutes instead of fractions of a second. But the results are well worth the wait and as you can see in the picture, you can have fun with this “limitation.”

This reminds me a lot of my first encounter with a Polaroid land camera for which you can no longer buy film for. Instead, I stuffed photo paper into the back and exposed on to that.

The great thing about this project, is that the current scanner-camera being used is a Canon LiDE 20 USB scanner, which I have. It's cheap, small, lightweight and is bus powered.

The site was slashdotted so you'll have to visit one of the mirror sites listed.


Random Axis Camera Zen: Georgia State

A very nice evening picture of the Georgia State University Campus and the downtown Atlanta cityscape. Shot with an AXIS 213 PTZ so feel free to look around or sit back and watch as others move the camera for you.


Update: Remember, you can't use Safari to see moving images from AXIS cameras as Safari doesn't support server push “motion-jpeg.” You should be using Firefox anyways.