Library of Congress Collection of Images

The Library of Congress has an extensive site they call American Memory. In it are some fascinating images, most with high quality versions in TIFF format. I've printed a few of these as 11 x 17 images and framed them. Someone, please, help them with their user interface. It's very klunky and is hard to navigate. It would be killer if someone spidered their site and created a faux user interface for it… hmm..


Hats of Meat

Ever wanted to don a hat made from meat? Good, apparently there are others like you that also want to. My favorite has to be this picture on the left showing a lovely lady talking on her cell wearing a hat made of pork chops. And it's good to see an appropriate use of the word “meat” for a change.

Link. Thanks, Button Monkey!

Hallowe’en Costume: Office Space

900 post-it notes and eight sticks of hot glue later, this costume from Office Space was a hit, even though the character didn't actually appear in the movie dressed this way, it's still instantly recognizable from the poster and DVD box. What a great job! And a good job on the Lumbergh character too.

Link. Thanks Russ!

Homemade High Altitude Balloon: 66,585 ft.

Pegasus 1 is a homemade high altitude balloon project that managed to reach over 66k ft and travel 63 miles before being retrieved. The payload included a tiny linux computer, an old Nokia phone, a GPS receiver and two digi-cams. The linux box (a Gumstix) was programed to take snapshots with the cameras every thirty seconds after take off. The GPS receiver logged the current location of the balloon and even sent the GPS coordinates back to the ground via SMS through the Nokia to aid in recovery. Very clever. I need to get one of those Gumstix for sure.

Link via hack a day.

SYSTM: Geek How-To Vodcasts

You can't keep 'em down. Some of the folks from TechTV have banded together to create how-to videos that are both polished and informative.

“Systm is a downloadable how-to technology show geared towards teaching the common geek, such as ourselves, various hot topics and projects. Each episode focuses on one subject and is between 10-15 minutes in length.”

The episode that caught my eye was the MythTV how-to. Having already done a MythTV installation on a Fedora box that was not easy, it was good to see there's a linux distro that comes prepackaged just for MythTV.


LED Lit Pumpkin

Is there anything you can't do with LED's? Here's a very simple set of plans and schematics to build a random changing color LED light kit for your pumpkin, all from easily attainable parts (from Radio Shack if need be).

Securing Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: White Paper

Corsaire network security have released a white paper titled “Securing Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.” It includes the obvious things such as enabling software update but also includes some gems such as the password assistant tool that's available whenever Mac OS X prompts you to create a password. Some great information for everyone, not just the paranoid. The holiday of no Mac vulnerabilities will be over at some point, so why not be ahead of the curve?