New Music: You might also enjoy

It's the 80's all over again! These artists bring the nostalgia back like a boomerang. You'll want to get out your leg warmers, neon colored sunglasses and your Atari 2600 and relive the best decade evar.

Crystal Castles self titled debut album. ($6.99 MP3 from Amazon!)

Cut Copy's new album In Ghost Colours. They also have a fantastic “mixtape” called So Cosmic.

Studio: Yearbook 1

Justice's first album unpronounceable (kinda like Prince when he changed his name but then everyone called him “love symbol” ) but is generally referred to as “Cross.”

VHS or Beta: Bring on the Comets

Music via your YouTubes

I came across this yesterday while searching for a bit of history of one of the dance floor staples from the early 90's. A user named “statenhal” has digitized and uploaded (to YouTube strangely enough) dance tracks from vinyl. Featured on the left, is Dajae's “U Got Me Up” Cajmere's Underground Goodie Mix (which incidentally is sonically a different song than the original as to hardly retain any traits from the first). This all proves once again that the net giveth until they taketh away.


Apple and Modest Mouse Video Contest

Apple and Modest Mouse have created a contest open to students to create a music video for the single “Missed the Boat.” Provided on the site are 13 videos of various angles of the band playing the song shot in front of a green screen. The footage is great if for nothing else than archiving it to look at on a rainy day but will cost you 9.4 GB of disc space. Contest ends May 22, 2007.


Export to MP3 Directly from Quicktime Player

Thanks to the LAME Project and Pyehouse Development we now have a convenient way of creating MP3 audio files right from Quicktime Player (when you have purchase a “Pro” key).

Download both the framework and the Quicktime component from this page. Place the framework in /Library/Frameworks and the component in /Library/Quicktime. Restart Quicktime Player and you're all set to export any type of audio that Quicktime understands to MP3.

Yes, you could use iTunes to do all of this, but this allows you to cut out the middle man.


Audacity: Free Open Source Audio App

Audacity is a free, open source, multi-platform audio editor and recorder. It's available for Mac, Linux and Windows. I've always hated using PeakDV that came with FinalCut Pro so it was nice to find something that's better. It always felt like a premature application anyway; unintuitive and constantly “unexpectedly quitting” (I can think of only one case where you EXPECT something to quit, command-q).